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7 Amazing Reasons Why Bearded Men Make Better Partners

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Everywhere we look, we can see men rocking unique beard styles. Even when it’s not “No Shave November,” it looks like a large percentage of the male population have ditched shaving. Well, we can’t be blamed for that because perfectly-groomed facial hair is now the trend. 
We all recognize that bearded dudes are sexy. Not to mention that a scientific study suggests that a beard is a sign of having higher testosterone levels and maturity. I think those are exactly the reasons why women prefer men with scruff for a long term relationship. 
Here are more reasons why bearded men make better boyfriends and husbands: 

1. They are healthier and look younger 

If a man decides to grow a beard, it can take years off from his age. Having scruff can help a man appear healthier and better looking to his partner. The facial hair can get rid of shaving rash and lessen spots and wrinkles. It can reduce allergens like dust and pollen from entering the nose and respiratory system. Moreover, it can also protect him from sun exposure. So yeah, the healthier the man is, the more likely he can take care of his partner. 

2. They are more protective

One of the traits that many look for in a partner is a man’s protective nature. Fortunately, bearded men are just that. Partners feel more protected and secure when they have a bearded husband or boyfriend. 

3. They are understanding and caring

Growing a beard is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort, patience, and some sense of style. It means that men with beards are more likely to understand the needs in a relationship. Their partners won’t find them difficult, and they can talk with them about anything. 

4. They are patient

Like what I said earlier, beard growing is not easy. It takes months of tender loving care which means a man might need a lot of patience. That’s why a bearded dude can be more patient in a relationship. They also think it through before making any decisions. 

5. Their beard symbolizes strength and manliness

Men with scruff look stronger and more masculine compared to non-bearded dudes. If he has a well-groomed mane, it can also signify confidence. Males have boosted self-esteem when they have a beautiful-looking beard. That’s exactly the reason why they always take time to care for their facial hair by using natural beard care products

6. They are way better lovers

A sign of a good lover is being able to satisfy one's partner emotionally and sexually. Most scruffy males are good in bed, and they can give their partners a slight tickle and friction with their mane. 

7. They look freaking sexy

Men with a full beard or well-groomed facial hair look extra sexy and manly. And most find that attractive. Their beard can also help sharpen their jawline which adds to the sex appeal. 

That sums up why bearded dudes make better life partners. If you’re a man, you might want to start growing your beard to attract your dream partner. 

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