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7 Beard Facts That Can Make You Love Your Mane Even More

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As scruffy men, beards are one of our most prized assets as they are part of our identity. But of course, it can take lots of patience and care to achieve our glorious trademark scruff. 
If you’re a true beard lover, then you might want to learn everything there is to know about your facial hair. You know, stuff like growing your beard and choosing the perfect mane style for your face shape. 
However, have you ever thought of looking up some fun facts about your beloved beard? If you haven’t, then you might find the following beard facts hilarious. Some of these are simply astonishing and mildly entertaining that it can blow your mind. Also, after reading all these, you might fall in love with your beard all over again. 
So, let’s begin rolling out these facts, shall we? 

1. Pogonophobia is the fear of beards

Some people are terrified at the sight of facial hair. That’s why the term pogonophobia was coined. Symptoms of this can include an irregular heartbeat, sweating, feelings of dread, and nausea.  

2. Beards can protect men

Clean-shaven guys are more likely to carry harmful bacteria on their faces compared to bearded men. So the next time your partner or your parents tell you to get rid of your facial hair, you can tell them its doctor recommended.  

3. Beards can increase social status

In a 2012 study by Dixson and Vasey, ladies find gentlemen with beards to be of higher social status. Maybe the male population should be ditching their expensive smartphones and start investing on beard care products to grow their manes.  

4. A beard is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom

Historically speaking, having a beard means you have knowledge and wisdom. That’s the reason why the brightest men back in the days are sporting beards. Some examples are Vincent van Gogh, Plato, Galileo, and Shakespeare.  

5. Abraham Lincoln’s beard has a secret

Originally, Abraham Lincoln didn’t have a beard. He only started growing one when an 11-year-old kid wrote him a letter asking if he could grow his facial hair as his face is too thin. Well done kid, you helped create one of the most iconic looks for U.S. presidents! 

6. CIA tried making a man’s beard fall out

This happened in 1960. The CIA wanted to ruin Fidel Castro’s public image by making his scruff fall out with the use of chemicals. Obviously, they failed or we would have heard about it on the news.  

7. Russia charged tax for growing beards

Would you pay 100 rubbles as tax just to keep that hair on your face? Well, if you’ve lived in the 17th century, then you might not have much choice. It’s either you shave it off or pay the tax. After settling the fees, the men received a medallion which served as a license to wear a beard. I wonder if someone powerful couldnt grow facial hair and decided to stop others from growing theirs.  

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Now, the next time you get caught in a conversation with your bearded friends, you can drop a few of these fun facts. Now go impress them and make them realize you’re a true beard fanatic!

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