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Beard Wash vs Regular Shampoo: Which Is Better?

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Beards require a good deal of personal care. Sun exposure, sweat from hard work, or a good workout all add dirt and debris to your beard. This can get in the way of you achieving your coveted beard goals. To achieve your goal, it's important to maintain a good beard care routine, and keeping a clean beard is crucial.

You may be preventing your beard from reaching its full potential if you have settled for hair shampoo instead of a good beard wash.

Differences between a beard wash and a hair shampoo

You may wonder what the big deal is about using a hair shampoo instead of a beard wash. Hair shampoo is specially formulated to cleanse our scalp and the hair on our heads. It's usually uses a stronger detergent to help clear our hair and scalp from dirt, excess oils, and product build-up.
Such ingredients found in hair shampoo can be harsh and can dry beards excessively. Hair shampoos may leave your beard looking and feeling dry if you apply them to your face. They will strip the beard of all natural oils and weaken the overall structure of your facial hair, making your beard more vulnerable to split ends and shedding. It may also irritate and even inflame the skin under your beard. Follicular inflammation can be highly disruptive to the growth of your beard and may even cause hair to fall out.
On the other side, beard washes are designed to be gentle on your face and beard, and are often enriched with ingredients with anti-inflammatory qualities and that boost hydration.

Benefits of beard washes

  • They soften beards. Many ingredients such as jojoba oil, rosehip oil, and vitamins are used in beard washes to help hydrate and moisturize the beard and leaving it feeling soft and with a healthy sheen.

  • They can help treat beard dandruff. Beard ‘druff happens because of the build-up of dead skin cells, and results in little white flakes that are left everywhere by those dead skin cells. Don’t worry, beardruff can be avoided by regular use of a beard wash and beard oils.

  • Prevents itchy and irritated beard. Beard washes provide itchy beards with relief. Many contain a blend of ingredients that help beard washes to reduce skin irritation. Some of these ingredients include aloe vera gel, and glycerin – which are added specifically to preserve moisture and combat irritation.

After washing and towel-drying your beard, don't forget to apply Scruffy Jack’s Beard Oil to while your beard is still damp. This helps to lock-in additional moisture and will give you the best results. Alternatively, if you are looking for a little extra control, you can use a beard balm as well.

In conclusion, beard washes are a required part of your beard care routine. The frequency with which you use a beard wash will vary from another guy's routine. Set the aim of washing your beard with a beard wash twice a week and adjust the frequency on how oily your beard and skin get. It’s important to take note you should not substitute hair shampoo for a decent beard wash. Your facial hairs deserve more than that.  

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