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Best Cardio Exercises for Men: Burn Fat Anytime, Anywhere

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Feel like you’re gaining fat lately? Can't hit the gym yet? We get it — most people think that running on a treadmill is the most monotonous workout they can get. But let us remind you that it’s not the only option you have.

These days, what you need are reliable exercise routines that you can do whenever, wherever.

So, if you’re looking for cardio exercises you can perform at home, in the park or anywhere else, look no further.

1. Running stairs

Despite the number of people who run for fitness, only a few have thought of taking it to the stairs. It seems like a small change in your running routine, but it can have a massive impact on your workout’s intensity. Climbing stairs can benefit your muscles differently compared to running on flat ground. It can even work frequently on neglected areas.

2. Burpees

Your cardio session isn’t complete without burpees. This exercise works your legs, core, back, glutes, chest, arms — or let’s just say that it challenges every part of your body. Also, it will spike your heart rate like you just tried to chase down a bus on foot.

If you want to make your exercise routine more challenging and interesting, you can always try other variations of burpees.

To do a burpee, start from a standing position with both feed shoulder width apart, squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of you. Quickly kick both feet out behind you so you end up in a pushup position, and then do one pushup. After, bring your legs forward to go into a squatting position again, and jump up. There you go. You've just done a burpee!

    3. Jump lunges

    Think doing lunges is hard? Then apparently you haven’t tried this variation yet. This is a kind of plyometric exercise (exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time) that can strengthen all similar muscles but can also get your heart soaring in a jiffy.

    To start this workout, you should be in the basic lunge position. When you’re ready, jump as high as you can then switch your foot before you land.

      4. Mountain climbers

      This has to be the most travel-friendly exercise on this list. Aside from it doesn’t require the use of any equipment, it also takes up less space.

      However, don’t take the mountain climbers for granted as this is an equally difficult workout like the ones above. You can do this together with other exercises on this list or simply perform as many sets as you can.

    1. Start in a traditional plank with your shoulders over your hands and wrists. Keep your back flat and your butt down, maintaining a neutral spine.
    2. Tighten your core (think about pulling your belly button toward your spine) and lift up your right knee, bringing it to your elbow. Return the right knee back to the starting position as you simultaneously drive your left knee up toward your left elbow. Return to the starting position.
    3. Continue switching legs back and forth and begin to pick up the pace until it feels like you're "running" in place.
      1. 5. Jumping jacks

          This might be an old-school way to warm-up before performing any exercises but it’s also an effective cardio workout. The best thing about jumping jacks is it can elevate your heart rate. And as you jump, you tend to breathe deeply which then releases more oxygen to your muscles and bloodstream.

          On top of that, you can also burn fat quickly with this exercise which means that it can also promote weight loss.

          Now, you can finally keep yourself fit wherever you go — minus the bulky equipment. But don’t just focus on burning fat and gaining muscle; you should also maintain a good appearance.

          As a matter of fact, when you exercise, you accumulate sweat and dirt on your beard which means you might need natural beard products to keep it fresh. So if you want an overall sleek look, you should always take the time to take care of your beard. After all, feeling good and looking good is what we are all after, right?

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