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Break These Bad Beard Habits Before It’s Too Late

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All of us have bad routines and habits we want to change. The thing is, you shouldn’t wait for the New Year before you break them when you can do it now. 

When it comes to your beard, you might be doing things that greatly affects its growth and appearance. You have to remember that growing your facial hair requires patience and care. It doesn’t end once you toss your razors away. In fact, that’s when the hard part starts. 

Here are some bad beard habits that are ruining your mane:

1. Forgetting to moisturize beard

Both your skin and facial hair require enough moisture. In fact, this is one of the most important things you can do for your scruff. 

You can use beard oil on it to keep it hydrated and moisturized. Once you’ve followed a strict routine of applying moisturizer to your beard, you can say goodbye to beard itch and dandruff. Your mane will also be more manageable and soft. 

When you don’t moisturize, your beard will most likely start to look dry and unkempt. 

2. Stroking beard

Yes, stroking your beard feels good and is not a bad thing, unless you’re using your dirty hands to stroke it. You don’t want the bacteria on your hands to transfer to your facial hair. 

If you do this, it can cause or worsen your dandruff and can even cause acne. So if you’re not sure if your hands are clean, you should avoid stroking your beard. 

3.Plucking facial hair

As we age, gray hairs can start popping up on our mane. It can be tempting to pluck them out one after the other, but don’t. 

It’s best if you embrace your salt and pepper look as plucking those grays won’t do your beard any good. Plucking can cause ingrown hairs, infections, and irritation. 

4. Pulling at your beard

Pulling at your beard can cause holes or bald spots on your scruff – and that’s not really good to look at. 

Aside from ruining your beard, you would not like how you’d appear with a patchy mane. Moreover, all your hard work and patience in growing your beard would be put to waste. Depending on where the bald spot is, you might need to shave off your entire beard or only a particular area. 

So remember that when you’re pulling at your scruff, you’re actually picking out individual facial hairs. It doesn’t matter if you’re only doing it slowly and gently, it can still have a gradual effect on your beard. 

5. Using hair shampoo on beard

It’s a big mistake to use hair shampoo on your scruff because it contains chemicals that can be too harsh on your beard and the skin underneath it, causing over drying and itchiness. 

Haircare products are designed for your scalp and not for your face skin. 

Now that you know what you’ve been doing wrong, it’s about time to break these bad beard habits and say hello to a healthy beard inside and out!

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