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Got Hairy Ears? What to Do About It

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As we grow older, it’s normal to see a lot of physical transformations in our bodies. And those transformations, unfortunately, include the much-dreaded growing of ear and nose hairs.

And with this phenomenon, you now have a new hair removal task at hand! 

But if you’re wondering about this, ear hairs’ existence is not really new at all. As a matter of fact, the hairs have been there all along, just that over time the testosterone levels within your body are causing these hairs to thicken and to grow unlike before.

So, how do you remove these hairs?

If you search online for "ear hair removal tips," surely, you’ll be greeted with various suggestions on how to wax, shave and pluck.

A warning! No matter how you really want to say adios to these unwanted ear hairs, it’s always best to be on the safe side and you should never dare shave or wax the hairs within your ear canal, despite how pesky these hairs can look.

How About Tweezing?

That’s fine, but limit the activity to only those hairs big enough to be visible all the way out of your inner ear. Do not stick a tweezer or anything sharp inside your actual ear canal – this is very dangerous. The same goes for hot wax as well as razors.

Seek Professional Advice

A visit to your dermatologist about professional laser hair removal services tops our best advice list if you want the safest way to zap out unnecessary hairs. Since your ears are a delicate part of your body, we advise you not to risk it if you have no idea how to go about it.

A Simple Tool to Handle the Job

Yes, fortunately, there are devices that can do the task and are aptly called ear-and-nose trimmers.

Here are the advantages of this multi-tasking nifty tool:

  • Eliminates ear hairs, nose hairs, and even cuts eyebrow hairs effortlessly.

  • Can be used for trimming your facial hair to give your beard a distinct style.

  • These devices are safe to be inserted within your nose or ear canal since their blades are encased within a small metal cage or thimble. This external shell covers the blades from your skin’s surface, so it means that nothing gets cut underneath that point.

How These Devices Work

They trim just enough to keep unruly ear hairs – as well as nose hairs away. For ear hairs, just snip down to an inconspicuous level, while not having to worry about cutting your ear.

For nose hairs, no need to be obsessed about trimming them too far back since they exist for a good reason:  They help in protecting you from having a runny nose. Have you noticed that your nose runs quite more if you pluck away too much within your nostrils? So try to avoid it.

You’ll find these ear-hair trimmers available from many different brands. They are underappreciated and really low-cost tools that you can make use of more often than you ever imagined.

With so many options on the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed. In our research, here are three models you might consider trying out: 



1) Panasonic Men's Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer with Vacuum System – ER-GN70K

This is a great quality trimmer, yet reasonably priced at around $40. The powerful circular blade trimmer is fairly quiet and provides 9,400 cuts per minute – trimming even the toughest hair.

The unit comes with an internal vacuum that sucks the hair into a chamber for easy disposal. It’s fully immersible in water and is powered by two AAA batteries that can provide up to 40 minutes of trimming time.


2) Conair Lithium Powered Ear/Nose Trimmer

At about half the cost ($20), and with fewer bells and whistles, Conair’s trimmer still has plenty to offer: With a patented 360° beveled blade and 3 length settings, this unit is great for close trimming ear and nose hairs.

The trimmer is powered by a AA Lithium battery. This unit is not waterproof, but could still be a good choice if you don't plan to use it in the shower.


3) Philips Norelco NT5175/42, Nose Hair Trimmer

You can always count on Norelco to offer a value alternative, with added features. At around $20, this trimmer comes with additional attachments so you can line-up your sideburns, clean up your neckline and even your eyebrows.

This trimmer doesn’t have a circular blade design, but rather a single row of blades that rapidly cycle back and forth to get the job done. The trimmer is water-resistant for easy cleaning and is powered by a single AA battery.

Our personal favorite is the Panasonic, as it's well constructed and especially well equipped for the task with the added features. For value and flexibility, we recommend the Norelco trimmer since it can take care of other sources of hair and is a great value with the different attachments.

With so many choices of trimmers available on the market, there shouldn't be any excuse for your unwanted hairs to be seeing the light of day. 

Comment and tell us what you are doing to manage your unwanted nose and ear hair. If you have a favorite brand of trimmer let us know as well!


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