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Gray Hair and Beard: Should You Dye It or Rock It?

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Lets face it, nobody wants to age faster most of us will do whatever we can just to look younger, right? Everyone wishes to fight wrinkly skin and fine lines, however, other symptoms of ageing, such as gray hair and beard, do not have the same stigma attached.  Although some men run to the nearest barber at the first sign of gray hair, others prefer to accept the look. This raises the question whether you should dye your gray hair or whether you should embrace your silver fox look and rock it.

Were balancing the pros and cons to make it easier for everyone, so you can come up with the best decision for yourself.

Factors Affecting Your Hair Color

So, stress may or may not be a factor leading to gray. According to science, the most important aspect is undoubtedly genetics. If your parents go gray at a young age – your odds of going gray early are higher.

Should You Dye Your Gray Hair?

Before booking an appointment with your local salon, heres some advice on the downsides of dyeing your hair:

  1. Every 3-8 weeks, youll have to color your hair, a beard even more often. Every month and a half or so (depending on how quickly your hair grows, how often you get your haircut, and how quickly the dye you apply wears out), you will have to visit a hairdresser to dye it again.

  2. It is costly. It will cost $50-$200 to get your hair dyed at a salon. Thats going to really add up over time. Yes, you could also do it at home for a lot less.

  3. Dyes can be harsh on hair. Hair dye includes additives that may make the hair fall out. Though gray hair ages you, thin hair ages you, too.

Embrace Your Silver Hair and Rock It!

To ensure your current silver mane looks its best, there are several improvements you need to make to your grooming routine:

  1. Dont shampoo your hair or beard too much. Research says the majority of adults, even men without gray hair, shampoo their hair much more than they should. Its much more important to wash your hair less often. Each time you shampoo your hair and beard, you also wash away natural oils.

  2. Use a product that has a little shine. Because gray hair lacks its natural shine (due to the lack of melanin), when styling, it is advised to avoid fully-matte-hair-products.

  3. Use hair oil and beard oil or balm. Try an oil that softens and moisturizes to tame the wiry-ness of your gray hair. If youre having problems with coarseness – after showering, rubbing in a few drops of oil is suggested. Our beard oil and balms actually work very well for this purpose as well. 

To dye or not to dye your hair is a tough call. There are clearly benefits and pitfalls to each choice. Dyeing has the benefit of a younger appearance, but also comes at a financial cost, and you may potentially lose more hair.

The jury is out on this one – the right answer will be different for every person based on what they place value on the most.

In one aspect, letting hair go fully gray is definitely better (not having to color it but it adds several other hair challenges to the table). It is difficult to treat, when it is drier and has more flyaways, on a day-to-day basis. Nevertheless, a lot of moisturizer and oil can help work this out.

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