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Grooming Tips for a V-Day Ready Beard

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Are you ready for the month of love? February is widely known to be the most romantic month of the year. It’s the perfect time for you to show your love and affection.
V-Day is your best reason to get scrubbed up and take your loved one on a date, whether out of town or to a popular restaurant near you. 
Once you've scored a date, you should level up your grooming routine a bit. You’ll want to feel fresh and confident during your date.
Here are some beard grooming tips to ensure Cupid will shoot you and your date with his magical bow and arrow.

Wash and soften your beard

A coarse and greasy mane is something no one wants to run their hands through. Having an unclean beard can be a huge turn-off to your V-Day date.
Always remember that a clean beard is touchable and healthy. Therefore, before you head out the door, make sure to wash your facial hair with some all-natural beard wash.
Unlike your regular shampoo, a beard wash is designed to manage the coarser and tougher hairs of your scruff. It will keep you smelling fresh and looking squeaky clean.

Condition your beard

Conditioning, softening, and hydrating your mane is vital to keep it looking healthy, shiny, and smooth.
By using beard oil, you’ll always be ready for close-up and personal moments. A scented oil can help ensure your beard always smells its best.
Choose a fragrance you love and that isn't overpowering, as you'll be smelling this scent throughout the day. A fresh and light scent is my recommendation; this will hopefully help spice things up during your date.

Shave or trim your beard

Whatever your chosen beard style is, you’ll want to be well-groomed for your V-Day date.
You can give yourself a quick trim before leaving the house. If you have a mustache, you should make sure it won’t get in the way when you’re eating your dinner. You don’t want to have some food hanging on the strands of your facial hair. That’s definitely not a good look.
Doing this can also ensure you’d give your date a smooth goodnight kiss.

Choose the right clothes to complement your beard

While sweats are comfortable, this is the occasion to ditch your casual outfit. Rummage through your closet to find items of clothing that help give you that polished look.
You don’t have to show up in a suit with a rose between your teeth. A simple shirt and jeans can surely do the trick.
After all, what’s important is that you’re comfortable, confident, and beard-ready as your date can feel the kind of vibes you’re giving off.
Whatever your routine is, make sure you carry yourself with pride and gusto. When you embrace your look, it’s easier to look attractive to everyone around you!

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