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Grow a Good-Looking Beard with These Easy Steps

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Growing a beard is easy — but growing an attractive mane is a different story.

So if you’re planning to grow your facial hair, you need to commit to a plan. You have to follow a routine and stick to it to reach your goal. You don’t just wake up to a muscular body nor do you grow a full, luscious beard overnight. So yeah, it requires a lot of patience.

However, you might want to take note that not all beards are equal. That said, the first step to achieving a great beard is to work with what you have and manage your expectations.

Now, here are some tips that can help you grow your beard the way you want it.

Understand your facial hair

Know how far your facial hair grows and in which direction it grows in. You might also want to learn how quickly it grows and if it grows out full or patchy. If you think you have patchy facial hair, you may need to grow it longer. While if you have a fast-growing beard, you may need to trim it regularly.

Grow your beard according to your face shape

The general rule in growing your mane is to make your face look like an oval or to create a more defined and angular jawline. If you want to achieve sharp angles, you can turn your head slightly to the side to visualize your desired shape.

Shave your face and use the right beard products

Shaving your facial hair can help prepare your skin for new hair growth and can also lessen the itch. After your bath, you can apply natural beard oil on your skin to lubricate it and avoid razor burn.

Let your facial hair grow for at least a couple of months

After your shave, let it grow for two months before you start trimming or shaping your beard. The length can even cover those patchy areas and help your beard appear fuller. Take note that itching is normal, so you may want to apply beard balm on it to soften shorter hairs.

Maintain your beard lines

Decide where your neckline would fall. Would you want a higher line which is an inch above your Adam’s apple? Or a slightly lower line? Your call! Once you’ve made up your mind, visualize a “U” shape from ear to ear and start shaving or trimming below that imaginary line.

Shape your beard

Here’s where the fun part begins. Once you’ve let your facial hair grow for two months, it’s time to shape your beard. To do it, use a brush to smoothen your hair, trim errant hairs using scissors, and finally shape it with a beard trimmer. If you’re unsure how to do it, you can ask a professional barber to do it for you.

Use beard care products

If you want to keep your beard looking its best, then it’s not enough that you only grow and shape it. You might also need to apply the right natural beard care products on it to keep it moisturized and healthy.

With these steps, you can achieve the amazing beard results you’ve always wanted.

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