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Why Men Are Growing Their Beards Out During the Summer

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Have you tried growing your beard but werent satisfied with the results? Well, maybe you should try again this summer as it’ll easier to achieve your beard goals. 
According to experts, men’s facial hair grows faster during summer. This is due to the male population’s natural change in hormone levels and body chemistry. 
So yeah, if you’re planning to grow your magnificent mane, you can do it during the warm summer months. Your exposure to the sun and the hot weather can trigger certain chemical changes in your body which can boost your beard’s growth rate. 

Here are the reasons why your beard grows faster in the summer:

Increased Vitamin D levels

Spending at least 15 minutes outside during the warm season can give you enough Vitamin D. 
Its beneficial to your overall health, and it can make your facial hair grow more quickly. So make sure that you spend some time outdoors during the summer. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to avoid skin damage. 

Increased testosterone levels

Testosterone, also known as the male sex hormone is responsible for your beard’s growth rate. This hormone in your body is converted into DHT which determines the fullness and thickness of your hair. 
During the winter, your T-levels are its lowest. Experts aren’t sure what causes this sudden decrease, but they believe that it may be due to how our primitive ancestors have less activity during cold months. 
While during the summer, your testosterone level is at its peak. The more DHT your body produces, the faster you grow your dream beard. 

How to improve hair growth in the summer?

Now that you know the reasons for increased hair growth during the warm season, you may also want to follow these tips in order to further boost your beard growth. 

1. Follow a healthy diet  

Your diet can be a huge factor that affects your testosterone levels. If you lack the necessary nutrients, your facial hair may grow at a slower rate. That’s why it’s really important to consume enough protein to keep your T-levels within normal range.

2. Use moisturizer

When it’s hot, you need to keep yourself hydrated. The same goes for your facial hair as it also needs enough moisture for it to stay healthy. If your hair is dehydrated, it can result in damage. 
Although sun exposure is important, too much of it can also harm your beard. That’s why you might want to double up on moisturizing products like plant-based beard oils

3. Choose beard care products with natural ingredients

When choosing products for your facial hair, it’s recommended that you use all-natural beard products
Using products that contain chemical fillers can be harmful to your hair and can even strip off your beard’s natural moisture. On the other hand, using plant-based products can keep your beard healthy. 

And that’s it! Make sure to take good care of your mane during the warm months and make the most of this beard-enhancing season. 

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