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Is it time to shave? How COVID Has Impacted the Lives of Bearded Men.

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Youre overdue for a haircut – but you just remembered that one of the many businesses closed due to COVID-19 is your local barbershop. You’re not alone.

Since the start of the pandemic, the daily lives of bearded men have been impacted in many ways. 

Let’s take a look below.

Beards and masks

One dilemma that you can encounter is maskne. Believe it or not, it is real. There can be multiple variables that can cause mask acne. But you may want to take note this is not just because of the accumulated dirt in your mask.

Your mask traps hot air while you speak or breathe. This air will create a warm and humid atmosphere which is a perfect, flourishing place for bacteria and yeast.

Acne breakouts and rosacea flare-ups can result from the friction created by your mask and the bacteria.

Most Talented Beard in America Contest

According to a recent study by Wahl, since the COVID-19 pandemic started, 40 percent of men, ages 18-64 years old have grown facial hair. Maybe because there’s a lot of free time? Who knows?

Of the surveyed, 46 percent  of men stated that experimenting was the biggest reason for growing or improving their facial hair; and more than half of men who have grown a beard since the pandemic struck said they intend to keep it.

The Most Talented Beard in America contest shines a spotlight on entertainers and achievers who want nothing but this world to be a happier place and its a way to honor to these men who make the most out of this challenging time.

It isn’t a bad thing after all, right?

Is Your Beard Putting You at Risk?

This is why medical experts recommend not touching the skin at all and to constantly wash your hands.

The number of microbes or bacteria found in beards is equivalent to whats present on our skin elsewhere. Regardless of facial hair status, our skin, including our face, has bacteria on it all the time. Most scientists believe that facial hair would not raise the risk that the coronavirus (or other viruses) will spread.

What is the most suitable answer, then? Should we shave our beards or are we safe with our scruff?

Practicing good hygiene overall, especially in terms of keeping hands clean, is the key for everyone may it be bearded or clean shaven. Just as we take care to wash our hands, it is important that you should also be mindful of washing your beards.

Using a beard wash and conditioner on your beard every few days, and washing with water in between will help keep it clean. Extra care after eating is prudent as well. Regularly, try to pay attention to the skin under your beard and keep it hydrated. Some people fail to keep this area hydrated, and under the beard, the skin can become dry and irritated. Applying a good beard oil or balm will help in improving your beard’s appearance.

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