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Men’s Hair Products for the Summer-Ready Mane

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Summer’s here. Are you ready for it? You have your sunscreen on and are dressed for the warm weather. You might have forgotten something though...

Yep! You have to also prepare your mane for it. A lot of men can’t seem to remember that they also have to protect the hair on their heads during the summer season. It's your hair that gets the brunt of the harsh rays of the sun. Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy and styled during the summer months.


Summer Hair Care

The first thing that you have to do is to have your hairstyle of choice for the summer. You can have long hair, short hair or even shaved, but make sure that you use something that will keep it from harm.

Not just any hair product can be used for the summer. Why? You can just imagine what would happen if you use one that would “melt” under the heat of the sun or would become runny and greasy when you sweat. That would be too uncomfortable.


Lock-In the Moisture

Since it will be hot and your hair may be directly exposed to the scorching sun, make sure that you keep it hydrated. We recommend Scott Porter’s Hair Conditioner. It is an ultra-lightweight leave-in conditioner that can strengthen and moisturize your hair. It can also tame those curls if you have them.


Ace That Style

You won’t have to sacrifice styling because there are also products that would be perfect for the summer. You can try Church California cream pomade. Again, it is lightweight but good for taming those stray strands and has a light hold.

Salt spray is another hair styling product that can give a textured feel that can be used on its own or added on as an additional layer to the cream. One good example is the Fellow Barber Mineral Spray. This is also enriched with minerals that can make your hair healthier.

For medium to a stronger hold, you might have to choose a dry wax. A good example is Hanz de Fuko “Quicksand” – which is both a styling agent and a dry shampoo. The product absorbs the excess oil and grime in your hair but at the same time provides the necessary control that your hair requires. It can be a great answer to those days when you don’t wash your locks. It can give life to your otherwise dull hair.

If you are a person who’s pretty relaxed and does not need much hairstyling, but just want to have a bit of shine, our all-natural beard oil might be a good solution.

Our oil is ideal since it provides sheen without the greasy feeling that most oils have. What you have to do is just apply two or three drops to the palms of your hand, rub them together and run your hands through your hair.

Now that you have some added protection plus great hair products, it’s time to go out and greet the sun.

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