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Stages of Beard Growth: Your Guide to Growing a Beard

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Not all men want to grow a beard, but for those who want one, it’s definitely a big deal. Although having facial hair is not necessary to feel masculine, most men feel that having a bearded face contributes to their sense of masculinity.

A man’s scruff is a fashion statement and can help one feel confident and more outgoing. Not to mention that a lot of people find men with well-groomed facial hair attractive. 
So whatever your reasons are for growing your beard, one thing’s for sure: It’s going to be a fulfilling journey. 
Now, the question is: What are the different beard growth stages you’ll experience along the way? 

Stage 1: The 1st Week

You’ll have to put away your razors for the growth journey to truly begin. During this stage, you’ll be excited about what the future holds for you and your beard so you might be frequently looking at yourself in the mirror. 
But take note that nothing much happens during the first week aside from a little stubble. In short, what you’ll see in this stage is very far from your end goal. So, manage your expectations and be patient. And of course, prepare yourself for some beard itch. Here is where it's helpful to start using a beard oil to soften the hairs as they grow and cut down on the itch.

Stage 2: The beginning of real growth

During the 4th to 6th week, you’ll see noticeable changes. Some call this stage “the awkward stage” as there will be uneven hair growth. If you notice patchiness, this could be due to different factors like lack of exercise, stress, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances, or just plain genetics. 

Stage 3: Yep, that’s definitely a beard

Around the 3-month mark is when you'll have a full beard or something close to a full beard. The speed of growth of hair varies between men, so some will need a little extra patience to develop a full mane. 
On average, your beard grows about half an inch per month. But even if you suffer from slow growth rate, you still deserve a pat in the back for surviving that patchiness and itchiness. A good beard balm at this stage will help keep your scruff under control.

Stage 4: The real beard

During the 4th to 6th month, you’ll achieve the beard you’ve always wanted. However, take note that during this stage, your facial hair will need more care and control. You’ll see stray hairs popping out and some unruly strands. 
This is the perfect time to trim it to your desired shape and length. You can even style it in whatever you think works for your face. It’s also best if you use beard balm or beard oil to keep your scruff under control. 

Stage 5: Just stay the course

By 6 to 9 months, you can finally rock your beard like a total pro. But in this stage, you’ll notice that the growth has stopped and will be replaced by shedding. Don’t fret, shedding is totally normal. In fact, men shed an average of 50 to 100 hairs daily. 
During this stage, remember to stick with your beard care routine, which includes washing, and moisturizing to keep your healthy-looking scruff. 
Growing a beard is not an easy task as it requires commitment, patience, and knowledge. Your beard journey can differ from others', but the guide above can help you understand what can happen along the way.

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