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Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Beard — everything you ever wanted to know about beards, beard balm and other beard care products

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Almost every guy considers growing a beard at some point in his life. Some go for it, while others are quite hesitant. If you happen to be someone who is still mulling it over or are just letting your facial hair grow because of laziness, the chances are that you could benefit from some guidance. While there are tons of beard growing guides out there, this one covers all the minute details that you will not find elsewhere.

Before we dive into the details, you must figure out your facial hair type. It could be patchy, scruffy, curly, straight, or somewhere in between. That said, the thing that matters most is the beard itself, and you can groom all kinds of facial hair to create a beard that suits you.  However, each hair type will require a different approach.

For instance, people with patchy beards should consider shorter styles that give a messy and carefree vibe. However, if you have the blessing of full coverage, prepare yourself to deal with frequent maintenance. It is all about patience and setting the right expectations.

Face Shape Matters

You must determine your face shape if you want your beard to look good. Is your face shape round, lean, or broad? Figure it out before letting your hair grow. Ignore anyone who tries to tell you that any beard style would suit your face shape. Sure, you can make it work with some tweaks, but why bother? Especially since there are tons of styles tailor-made to suit your facial structure.

That said, grooming rules are quite open in comparison to the past. However, having a guideline can provide you a basic idea of where to start. Your goal should be to make your face appear as oval as you can. Therefore, if you have a rectangular or oblong face, filling in the cheeks and keeping the beard shorter would be ideal.

The Perks of Growing a Beard

Beards not only look great, but they also have some advantages. There are ten benefits for every negative info linked to growing facial hair. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that your beard will indeed benefit you once it becomes more prominent.

Beards Make You Feel Attractive

According to a survey conducted by Braun, a well-recognized consumer goods brand, seventy percent of the men surveyed spoke in favor of sporting facial hair. They claimed that beards made them feel attractive, and as a result, improved their confidence. Using a high-quality beard oil can improve your beard’s appearance by tenfold.

Sun Protection

Men with too much skin exposure get wrinkles and leathery. According to a renowned dermatologist, Bobby Buka, there is a lesser-known condition called dermatoheliosis. It causes chronic sun damage, makes your skin saggy, and fills it with spots. Beards can block more than ninety-five percent of the sun’s ultra-violet rays, ensuring that you do not suffer from dermatoheliosis. Some experts even claim that facial hair acts as a shield for your skin and reduces the chances of contracting skin cancer.

Warm Winters

Beards will keep you warm when the temperature drops. Facial hair, whether they are beards or mustaches, acts as a protective barrier during the cold winter months. Your stubble and goatee will provide you physical and thermal protection against the elements.

You Could Prevent Throat Diseases and Asthma

Beards can protect you from airborne bacteria that often enter the mouth and causes throat infections. Therefore, the bigger your facial hair, the lesser the chances of contracting throat diseases. Of course, entirely avoiding bacteria is impossible, but a beard will significantly reduce the possibility. Also, using products like beard balms are safe and do not provide breeding grounds for bacteria.

Similar to throat disease prevention, beards also act as a barrier between toxic exposures and your body. People with asthma and other reactive airway conditions should consider growing a beard, as it will provide an additional filter, preventing toxins from entering their lungs.

Not Shaving Frequently Saves a Lot of Time

Doctor Herbert Mescon, the chairman and professor of Boston University School of Medicine’s Dermatology Department, claimed that the average man spends more than 3,500 hours of his life grooming his hair and shaving it. You can save more than four months by cutting down shaving and growing your beard.

Facial Hair Can Protect You from Acne and Other Bacterial Infections

Beards provide you an extra layer of protection against bacterial infections. Yes, our skin naturally has bacteria, but shaving frequently can make openings, providing germs a passage to cause diseases, and could also lead to ingrown hairs. You can also reduce acne flare-ups by not shaving.

There is a famous book known as "The Acne Cure," written by Terry J. Dubrow, which discussed how shaving frequently could increase the chances of acne breakouts, contributing to more dangerous skin infections and aggravating acne too.

Beard Envy Is Real

As strange as it sounds, beard envy is a thing. Believe it or not, people get jealous when they look at the other’s facial hair. Were you ever envious of anyone else’s stubble or long goatee? People often try to hide or deny their jealousy, but deep down, most if not all of them want to grow a beard befitting a king. The good thing is, you can achieve that goal and make others wish they had facial hair like yours.

All you have to do is devote a considerable amount of time to let it grow. You can even take things further and forget that it exists. Reduce your grooming sessions and apply the right products like beard oil and beard balm, and you will see a thick and full beard earlier than expected. Talk to anyone who has been through the beard-growing process, and most of them tell you that it is worth the wait and sacrifice. Do not take criticism to heart, and most importantly, do not try to replicate other styles.

Copying someone else’s beard could work at times, but not always. Instead, it would be best to go through some trial and error to determine the size and style that would suit you the most.


Familiarize Yourself with Beard Terminology

Yes, beard terminology is indeed a thing. Letting your facial hair grow is a simple thing. The process is natural and gorgeous. However, nailing the terms is what you should aim for if you want to become the aficionado that you always dreamed of becoming. You must learn the language if you are going to become a part of the vast beard community.

Understanding the terminologies will help you effectively communicate with your barber. Furthermore, you will also be able to give better advice for people who want to grow facial hair like yours. You will also be able to provide witty responses to comments from fellow enthusiasts.


Barbers are professionals paid to cut or groom your hair. People often use the terms "barber" and "hairdresser" interchangeably. They could not be any more different. Men who want to grow thick and full beards should always go to a barber and steer clear from anything resembling a hairdressing salon.


The hair growing on the neck, chin, cheeks, bottom lips, and other areas of your face is a beard.

Beard Balm

People use beard balm for their everyday beard maintenance routines. A beard balm typically contains carrier oils, shea butter, and beeswax. You should consider using it for styling and conditioning your facial hair.

Some balms also contain essential oils and come in various scents that will make you smell like a well-groomed gentleman.


People use the term “bearded” to refer to anyone who has a beard.

Boar Brush

A boar brush is a must-have for every beard enthusiast. It adds shine, promotes, healthy growth of facial hair, and prevents frizz and breakage. Boar bristles are quite soft. They massage the area underneath your beard gently and are excellent for cleaning follicles and improving blood flow. 

Cheek Line

The line that determines your beard’s upper growth limit is your cheek line.


Beard butter bears a close resemblance to beard balm. However, they usually do not contain wax. You will find different kinds of butter in this product, such as coconut butter, shea butter, mango butter, etc. Some aficionados use beard butter as a leave-in conditioner for their facial hair. It is an excellent budget-friendly substitute for beard oil.


In technical terminology, density means the amount of hair/square cm. Hence, any thick beard that is thick has more mass.


A beard’s configuration refers to the part where beard hair expands and grows. Shaving and trimming are excellent options to change beard configuration. However, you can also go for a natural look by letting your facial hair grow, although it will require beard balm and other maintenance products.

Facial Hair

Any hair growing on your faces such as eyebrows, eyelashes, sideburns, mustaches, and beards are facial hair.

Five o’clock Shadow

The slight hair growth that occurs in the afternoon after you shaved your beard clean in the morning is your five o’clock Shadow.

Full Beard

You can achieve this specific beard style by growing everything, including the neckline, sides, front, sideburns, and the mustache. You will have a full beard if facial hair is present in almost every part of your face. People are free to groom or trim their beads in any way they want. 


It is a facial hairstyle that you can achieve by letting the hair below your chin grow. You can also develop a goatee from the front of your jaw. Using beard balm or beard oil is vital for anyone who plans to have a goatee.

Neck Line

Your beard’s lower limit along the neck is your neckline. You can alter it according to your preference by shaving or trimming. Some people even keep it natural.

Terminal Beard

Also known as a grandfather beard or a permanent beard, the terminal beard is one that reaches a point where it cannot grow any further. Breakage and split ends are a couple of reasons why some people’s beards stop growing. Natural beard oil and beard balm are excellent products to prevent these things from happening.


The term is a cheeky wordplay on “beard and year.” A yeard is any beard that grows beyond a year without any grooming or trimming. Beard balm and beard butter will be indispensable if your goal is to grow out your yeard!


Do you find this term confusing? Well, it refers to the softer and lighter facial hair. People often grow Vellus when they are adolescents. Several men retain their thin hair for life.


A tweard is any beard that grows for more than two years. You cannot trim or groom your facial hair if you want to develop a tweard. However, you can use a quality beard balm and/or beard butter to prevent it from losing its shine – it all depends on whether you want the extra hold a balm will provide.


In beard terminology, texture refers to soft, coarse, straight, or curly hair.

Terminal Hair

It is a coarse and dark facial hair type. As men grow older, their facial hair becomes thicker and gets a deeper color, replacing the soft Vellus. Terminal hair lets your beard grow thicker and longer.


Stubble refers to the stiff and short hair on someone’s face when they do not shave for a few days. You can condition your stubble using beard oil.


In case there are still any doubts, the facial hair growing above your upper-lip is your mustache.


The facial hair growing ahead of your ears and connecting your beard to your scalp hair are your sideburns.


A side is the part of your beard growing on your cheeks.

The Right Approach to Grow a Thicker, Fuller Beard

You might find growing a full and thick beard quite challenging. The main problem that most people face is that their facial hair starts getting itchy after reaching a particular point. Sometimes, this problem gets out of control, causing people to trim or shave their beards too soon. 

Combine this with improper skincare routines and poor diets, and their facial hair becomes weak and thin too. There is a popular notion that a full-beard represents wisdom, leadership, power, and masculinity. The fuller your facial hair growth is, the more respect it will command.

Before we jump to the reasons behind why some facial hair grows thicker, and some tips on improving beard growth, let us outline qualities that represent excellent facial hair.


Proper commitment and facial hair can make your beard look lively. Beard balm is an excellent product to achieve beards that look great.


Long beards are an excellent telltale sign of high facial hair quality. With a longer beard, you should trim the ends from time to time to avoid split ends – yes, the same thing that happens with long head hair can happen to longer beards.


The amount of hair present inside your beard defines its thickness. If you are struggling with this issue, it would be best to use some beard oil, beard balm, or beard butter. These products help lock in moisture, which will keep your hair healthier and more “plump” – giving the illusion of a thicker beard.

While there is an endless array of products that you can use to improve your beard’s overall appearance, genetics play a vital role in determining whether your hair will be okay. In some cases, people have lush beards without using any maintenance products, although cases like these are very few.

People with high testosterone levels, in particular, have no problems in developing full beards. However, others are not as fortunate as low testosterone levels prevent them from having any facial hair whatsoever.

For instance, we say that 85 percent of your beard’s thickness depends on your genes. It means that you have around fifteen percent room to grow your beard thicker. Wouldn’t you take that chance? It could improve your beard’s look by tenfold. You can follow several tricks to ensure that you can achieve the full and lustrous beard that you always desired.

What Makes a Beard Fuller?

It often seems like some men grow fuller and thicker beards within a couple of weeks, while others have to wait for an eternity to see noticeable results. While you might think that the rate of beard growth varies from person to person – the notion is not valid. The facial hair growth rate is almost the same. However, a few factors make other’s beards appear fuller in comparison to yours. Let us discuss them:

The Size of Your Hair Strands

Some people have thick hair follicles, which causes their facial hair to look fuller.

Beard Density

Thicker facial hairs have a fuller appearance, giving the impression that they are growing at a quicker pace.

Beard Color

Dark beards have a fuller and thicker look.

Your overall health and age are some other vital factors that impact how your beard grows.

How Age Plays an Important Role in Growing Beards

Age is a critical determinant that decides you’re the way your beard looks and grows. Sure, you can use beard balms and beard oils, but you can never neglect your age’s impact. Teenagers, in particular, face disappointment when they grow patchy beards. If you are going through a similar experience, there is no need to worry, as your facial hair will become thicker as you grow older.

You might be surprised to find out that only a select few people can grow full beards when their bodies start producing hair. In some instances, teenagers who have good genes also struggle to grow thick beards. It often gets frustrating; however, you must practice patience, as beards require ample time to develop their density.

Your facial hair will continue developing during your twenties and reach its optimum potential during your mid to late thirties. If you are unable to grow a full beard by your thirties, the chances are that your genes just aren’t coded for thicker beard hair. Once again, however, this should not discourage you, as there are plenty of things that will make your facial hair appear thicker such as using a beard balm, beard oil, or a beard wax.



The One-Month Beard Rule

Did you know that there was a famous beard-growing rule out there? It is quite simple as all you need to do is let your facial hair grow without trimming or shaving it. Sadly, quite a lot of people miss out on reaching full potential as they cut their beards of due to itchiness and other irritations.

Most men give up during the second or third week, as that’s when the irritation reaches its peak. However, if you practice patience and use beard balms and oils to prevent it from becoming unruly, you will most likely make it through this challenging period.

You will be grateful to yourself once you complete this four-week challenge, as it will result in a thicker beard. Some people even track their progress by taking pictures of their facial hair every week. You can do the same, and once you reach the four-week mark, you will notice a significant improvement.

The thing that’s most surprising about this rule is that it also works on people with patchy beards. Let it grow for a month, and you will see that your beard will fill out the missing areas. It will provide you a better idea about how you should proceed with your beard-growing journey.

In the end, you will need loads of commitment and perseverance to get past your stubble phase and grow a lustrous beard. Shaping or trimming too early will hamper the growth process and prevent you from attaining the thick beard of your dreams. In addition, you must remember that everybody’s beard-growing experience is vastly different.

Growing a Beard: What Issues You Can Expect

Most of you will be able to grow beards at a certain point in your life. Having facial hair is a defining characteristic that makes men stand out from the rest. If you are considering growing a beard, you will probably be wondering what to expect. Well, it would be best to prepare yourself for several things, as being pragmatic is the only way to make your beard look always fabulous.

The First Signs

Men’s bodies produce testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for giving you your defining characteristics. Hair is arguably the best indicator of a healthy testosterone level. It’s the reason why most males are hairier than females. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but people generally associate facial hair as a characteristic that defines a male. 

In most cases, men begin to develop beards between the ages of seventeen to twenty. Some males, however, have mustaches when their seven or eight years old. Why? They have excessive testosterone racing through their bodies at a young age. There are some cases where guys do not have an adequate amount of male hormones. These people struggle to grow facial hair and often start balding at a young age. Just because a person is not able to grow a beard doesn’t indicate a low testosterone level however. Genetics plays a very important role in determining how much facial hair you can grow – regardless of testosterone levels.

In teenagers, the mustache typically grows first. It’s the first sign of facial hair development. Depending on their beard’s appearance, the remaining hair will develop on their cheeks and the chin. The early signs of facial hair growth are fascinating for young guys as it indicates that they’re about to turn into men. There is no rule against using a beard balm or a beard wax for youngsters. These products will nourish and moisturize your facial hair keeping it healthy.

Split Ends

Mostly, the first month or two of growing a beard is tolerable. However, you will start noticing some issues as your facial hair grows. Besides the itchiness and unruly hair, you could also see split ends once your beard reaches a certain length. Yes, beards can even have split ends. They only become visible after fifty-two sixty days, depending on how quickly your facial hair grows.

You find split ends in your beard when your hair is too dry. Over-exposure to heat, sun, improper grooming and lack of grooming can also cause this issue. Never make the mistake of clipping or trimming your beard if it has split ends. While most barbers use extra sharp and oiled clippers, trimming your beard at home, especially with non-professional equipment, can damage your facial hair.

If you are planning to preserve your beard and grow it to its maximum potential, it would be best to enlist an experienced barber’s help. In addition, it would be best to use high-quality beard balm or beard oil to prevent your facial hair from dryness and sun damage.

Patchy Beard

Every man desires to grow a thick and luscious beard. Unfortunately, though, facial hair doesn’t always develop the way you want it. Despite what some people say, do not be ashamed of the unruly patches. Many people feel stressed because of it, so much so that they shave their beard clean.

You can do several things if your hair fails to grow evenly. Some techniques will help you hide the batches to make your beard look fuller. Long-time enthusiasts know several styling tricks and tips for promoting hair growth, and you should consider implementing them. 

Several factors contribute to uneven beard growth. It could be something as simple as diet, to complicated factors like stress or hormonal imbalances. Some studies claim that fungal infections are also a significant reason behind uneven hair growth. Autoimmune conditions and dental issues can also hamper your beard from growing fully.

There is no cause for concern if your beard has always been patchy, as your genetics dictate your hair growth since you are a child. However, if you have started losing your hair recently, it would be best to seek a professional’s help. Most of them will look at your medical history and ask about your diet. Asking questions will help them decide the best course of action, ensuring that you can grow the luscious beard you always dreamed of having. 



Beard Dandruff

Maintaining a brilliant beard is not as simple as it seems. You have to go through a lot of pains to ensure that it always looks excellent. Expect your beard to have some dandruff as it grows. Many times, people are happy with their progress when suddenly they notice becoming flaky and white because of too much dandruff. It is unsightly, itchy, and sprinkles on your shirt, issuing a warning to everybody near you to stay away.

Someone rejecting you because of your dandruff is the last thing you want. Luckily, you can keep this problem at bay and keep your facial hair in tip-top shape. However, before we talk about some prevention tips, let’s discuss the leading cause behind beard dandruff.

Dry skin is arguably the biggest culprits behind dandruff in beards. Using regular soap or harsh cleansers make your skin dry and deprive it of natural oils. Of course, your beard and face will be clean and fresh, but since your skin will not be releasing natural oils, your facial hair will become dry and become a cesspool of dandruff. Extra-cold weathers also cause dryness. Consider using moisturizers on your skin and beard oil or a beard balm as part of your daily beard care routine.

Tips to Steer Clear of Beard Dandruff

Firstly, you must remember to wash and exfoliate your face regularly. Pay special attention to the area under your beard. Facial cleansers and natural soaps are excellent as most of them aren’t as harsh and will not make your skin dry. Moisturizing facial cleansers can also do the trick if you can’t find high-quality soaps.

Consider applying dandruff shampoos occasionally. Do not go crazy with them as these products are for your scalp rather than your face. Baby shampoos can help keep your beard soft and protect it against dandruff growth. Once again, do not use these shampoos frequently. Applying the shampoo, every week or two will be enough.  Also, remember to follow up with beard balms or moisturizers.

The market is full of beard-specific products. Use a high-quality beard balm or beard wax frequently to avoid dandruff and make your facial hair glisten.

How Fast Can You Grow a Beard?

Virtually everybody pondering whether they should grow a beard or not wants to know how long they will have to wait. There is no straightforward answer to this question as everybody’s facial hair grows at a different pace. That said, most beards take two to four months to develop fully. Typically, beard hair grows around half an inch per month, but some people can grow an inch over the same duration.

Genetics also plays a vital role in your facial hair’s thickness and length. You may find it surprising that some people have to wait for years to grow a full beard. Your hair length is also an important determinant. For instance, a stubble takes no more than a week or two at max. A long and lustrous beard, however, will take time.

Understanding your hair’s characteristics will help you comprehend the adequate length and time required to grow your beard.

Head Hair Growth and Facial Hair Growth is Vastly Different

First-timers often think that their beard hair will grow as quickly as the hair on their scalp. In truth, they are quite different, so you will need to treat them individually. The two go through three stages of growth, which are:

  • Anagen
  • Catagen
  • Telogen

They are quite different when it comes to how long their cycles will last. The process for head hair can take years, while facial hair can complete within a few months. Another significant difference between the two is that beards have thicker hair and a wiry texture compared to our scalp hair.

In addition, the skin beneath our facial hair and scalp is not the same. Our head’s surface is significantly oilier than facial skin. It’s a significant reason why so many people use cleansers for eliminating excess oil from their scalps. 

Both are also different in their appearance and the way they intertwine with each other. Head hair, in most cases, is often straight, while beards have thick and curly growth. Therefore, it would be best to use different brushes for your head and beard hair. Your scalp’s hair will benefit from soft brushes, while firm ones will suit your beard more. Remember to apply a beard balm or oil frequently to prevent it from becoming unruly as it grows.

Determining Your Beard’s Length

If you let your beard grow without clipping or trimming, it would most likely grow around three to four feet. Once again, your genes will play an essential role in deciding if your facial hair will reach your knees or stop at your neck.

You can still get a rough estimate of your beard’s maximum length by looking for the shedding of your facial hair. It indicates that your beard is in its third growth phase and will give you an idea of how long you will have to wait if you regrow your beard after completely shaving it (please don’t.)

Once the growing phases conclude, new hairs begin to grow, pushing out the older ones – essentially restarting the entire process. What’s more, this process will help you determine how long of a beard you can grow. Remember, not every hair in your beard will make it to the final phase. So expect some hair to stop developing after half a foot meanwhile others could push to three or four feet, and maybe even longer.

Also, pay close attention to your facial hair pattern to get a good read on your particular circumstances. Experts claim that using a beard balm or a beard wax during the growth stages could help speed-up the process.

Factors that Impact Beard Length

Now that you know how long it usually takes to grow a full beard, most of you will be wondering if any factors hamper your facial hair length and growth. The growing process consists of several elements. Being aware that your genetics dictate the hair-growth time is never comforting, but rest assured, other factors also determine your beard’s length.

Some of them are changeable, while others occur because of your genetics. Let us discuss them.


Most of you know by now that if your father and grandfather have thick beards, the chances are that you will also have lustrous facial hair. Unfortunately, some men won’t be able to grow long and full facial hair because of this fact. Still, it is better than not having a beard altogether.

Surprisingly, most men who struggle to grow beards do not lose their scalp hair quickly. On the other hand, people experience baldness sooner if they have no problem growing facial hair. Strange, isn’t it?

While genetics affect virtually every aspect associated with beard growth, it varies from person to person. Firstly, guys start growing facial hair during puberty. However, it is up to your genetics to decide how strong and long your beard will become. It also determines the growth pattern.


Age has a lot to do with facial hair growth. As discussed earlier, you start noticing a mustache forming once you hit puberty. Twelve to sixteen years old is the average age when guys begin to develop beards as it is the time when their testosterone levels increase. However, this doesn’t apply to everyone, and some late bloomers would have to wait for some years to grow a full facial forest.

Before you assume that being a teenager is a guarantee to grow thicker and longer beards, think again. While being young and full of testosterone certainly helps, it can vary in some people. Extra testosterone will help some guys grow beards to their maximum potential quickly, making it appear fuller and thicker.

There is no need to worry if you do not experience rapid growth. Be patient, and you will have an outstanding beard too. It would be best to apply a first-rate beard balm while your facial hair grows. Some companies add high-quality natural ingredients in their beard oils and other similar products that could aid with growth.

Expect your beard to be thicker than ever between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five. Your facial hair will experience rapid growth during these ages and reach full potential by the time you turn forty. Once again, this does not apply for every guy, but it provides you a rough idea of the progress you can expect according to your age.


Other factors, like race, also impact the way your beard grows. However, similar to your age and genetics, you cannot do anything to alter your ethnicity. Luckily, you can focus on the changeable elements and do everything possible to speed-up your beard growth by tenfold.

Well-Being and Health

Most men have busy schedules. With so much work on their plate, focusing on health and well-being becomes very complicated. We start eating healthy foods and do not take care of our bodies as much as we should. Furthermore, many guys are dealing with different stresses, which only make things worse. All of these things impact your mind, body, and also your beard growth.

Improving your quality of life will improve you mentally and physically, but it will also aid beard growth. Focus on these elements of your health and well-being, to enhance the growth of your facial hair.


The saying “you are what you eat” was never more accurate. Many men struggle to grow a full beard. They want their facial hair to be thick, but most of them get patchy beards. According to several renowned dieticians, your facial hair’s condition has a direct correlation with your overall health. Therefore, you can eat some healthier foods for a fuller, shinier, and smoother beard.

Here is a list of some nutrient and vitamin-rich foods that will help stimulate beard growth:


Zinc helps with tissue growth and repair. Pumpkin seeds, lentils, spinach, oysters, and beef are some excellent foods containing zinc. You can also take zinc supplements, which are often available as capsules.

Fatty Acids

You must eat foods that contain Omega-3 fatty acids if you want rapid beard growth. It is an essential nutrient that shields your cell membranes and promotes fast hair growth. Omega-3s also prevent your facial hair from becoming dry or brittle. Add flaxseed oil, salmon, and walnuts to your diet to get your daily fatty acid dosage.

Vitamins E and C

High production of sebum is vital as it lubricates your hair and skin. You can boost it by consuming these nutrients regularly. Peanut butter, mangoes, sunflower seeds, green peppers, spinach, broccoli, and oranges are rich sources of these vitamins.


Eating foods rich with proteins is essential if you want to grow healthy hair. Yogurt, nuts, eggs, fish, and chicken are some of the best protein-rich foods.

Beta-Carotene and Vitamin A

Vitamin A repairs skin tissue. You must have healthy skin, as it is the foundation for a healthy and full beard. When your skin is in excellent health, your beard will grow twice as fast. Our bodies convert beta-carotene into Vitamin A. It is present in foods with low saturated fats like peas, squash, carrots, spinach, and sweet potatoes.

If you are seriously considering growing a healthier beard, remember to consume the foods mentioned above. Upgrading your diet to nutrient-rich foods will help you in more ways than one. It will help you grow our beard while also improving your physical and mental health.


Similar to improving your overall health, working out is arguably the most efficient way to start your facial hair growth quickly. Numerous well-researched reports suggest that beard growth and fitness go hand in hand. It might seem a bit unrealistic at first, but once you think about it, you will realize how exercising could impact hair growth.  

The Facts

  • Working out improves metabolism, which could help spur beard growth and overall health
  • Exercising triggers your body to recover quickly, helping your skin and hair to replenish too
  • Training makes you healthier. It means that you will have strong hair, which will grow fast
  • Working out boosts testosterone, which is an essential element that riggers hair growth

Start taking care of your health. Being physically active by living, a fitness-oriented lifestyle will help you achieve your beard goals much sooner than you imagined. You will notice a head to toe improvement in your body, including the beard. Like any body part, your beard will also benefit from treating it with respect, focus, and care.

Besides all of the benefits, exercising makes you feel mentally and physically on top. The better we feel inside, the more confident we become. Look at anyone with a good beard and well-maintained body, and you will notice that they have a confident aura about them. Wouldn’t you like that for yourself?

If you are not as physically active as you would like to be and are struggling to gain consistency, start with small steps. Make tiny improvements to your life every day, and it will add up and eventually make you healthier. As discussed earlier, alter your diet and add some nourishing foods to improve your hair and skin. Once you start getting a grip on your eating habits, start exercising even if it’s only for twenty to thirty minutes.

Sleep Well

You must sleep for seven to eight hours every night. Studies indicate that our body temperature drops once we go to sleep. Lower temperatures improve blood circulation, which leads to faster hair growth even while you are asleep. A proper diet and regular exercise promote better sleep and reduce stress. If you do not eat or sleep well, your facial hair growth will suffer. You can apply your favorite beard balm and beard oil all you want, but not taking care of your body will always lead to unfavorable results for your facial hair and the rest of your body.

Follow the advice mentioned above, and nothing will stop you from growing the beard of your dreams. That is not all though, growing facial hair requires frequent maintenance, which means that you will need to use several high-quality beard products. There’s no need to worry,  as we will talk about beard maintenance and discuss tips to help you perfect your beard care routine.


Maintaining and Shaping Your Beard

Finding a beard that grows within its bounds is virtually impossible. In addition, there isn’t any definitive rule regarding shaping your beard. You must treat your facial hair the same way you care for the hair on your head. It’s the only way you can achieve a flattering style. Every beard enthusiast must know how to trim their necklines, manicure their whiskers and maintain the ideal beard length. Being inventive also helps as you can try various styles and determine which one suits you the most.

Also, take some time to educate yourself regarding the facial hairstyle that will match your face. What works on your friends will not necessarily fir you. Why? Everyone deals with different variables, and so do you. Be authentic and, most importantly, be consistent with your maintenance routines. Follow these tips to ensure that you make the most out of your beard maintenance and shaping program:

Work With Larger Settings

After determining the style, you want to achieve, pick up a high-quality beard trimmer and go to town on your facial hair. Remember that your first attempts will most likely be not that great. However, you should let them slide because they will help you learn to improve this skill.

Start with a longer beard. Working on short-styles is quite complicated for beginners because there is little to no room for mistakes. The margin for error on bigger beards, however, is a bit high. Start trimming your hair until you achieve a flattering length. Once you do, trim your beard off gradually until you reach the sweet spot. Once again, avoid clipping your facial hair hastily as it’s quite easy to slip up and trim way past your desired length.

Maintain Your Beard – Even As It Grows

Several aficionados will try to convince you to start clipping your facial hair when you are growing it. Most of them fail to provide a solid reason to support this argument. Ignore these bits of advice and focus on trimming your beard once or twice a month. Of course, you do not need to go crazy and cut a massive chunk of it. Instead, just remove unruly hair and split ends. It will not affect hair growth and make your facial hair always look tidy.

Furthermore, maintaining your facial hair frequently will also prevent dryness and itchiness. You can also apply some beard balm and oil to keep it tidy throughout the day.

Mind the Boundaries

Knowing where to draw your facial hair’s boundaries is critical to ensure that your beard looks sharp. Of course, it all comes down to style and personal preference, but boundary maintenance rules apply for almost every type of beard. Try using a trimmer on a low setting if you want to trim your hair down to your skin. It is arguably the closest you will get to shaving without breaking your skin’s surface.

Sure, you can do this with a blade as well, but most experts claim that trimmers provide more accurate perimeter detailing and are highly reliable. Your cheek lines and neckline should be the main areas where you should pay the most attention.

Neckline Trimming

Neckline trimming rules are universal no matter which style you want. Create a "U" behind your ears and jawbone, pointing down to your neck. You can make the point by using your middle and pointer fingers on the ends. After that, lay your fingers above your Adam’s apple. Ensure that it falls above the knob (almost an inch and a half), where your “U” is landing. Trim, shave, or bare everything behind and below the U, and that will be your beard’s neckline.

There’s no need to follow this advice if you plan to grow a scraggly and long beard and are aiming for a messy caveman look.

Cheek Line Trimming

Once again, this boils down to personal preference. It could change depending on where your natural cheek lines end. Your whisker density also matters. If your beard is on the sparser side, all you need to do is zap some strays away and embrace your natural cheek lines.

However, if you are particularly blessed and bushy, it would be best to invest in a high-quality tool to get the basics right. While trimming your cheek line is quite similar to the neckline, it provides you more freedom and allows you to make changes according to your preference.

Once again, you will need to draw a U beginning from the sideburn and ending at the lip.

Why Using Beard Balm and other Beard Care Products is Essential

Beard care is incomplete without a beard balm, beard wax or beard oil, and various other related products. Quite a lot of people grow their facial hair, thinking that all they need to do is sit back and wait for the magic to happen. In reality, though, you have to be mindful of several things to ensure that your beards look as majestic as you imagined.

Do not ignore beard care products. There are tons of them. Of course, you do not need to use every item available in the market. Choose the best of them and implement them in your daily maintenance routine. Applying these beard care products will not only improve your beard appearance but also nourish it.

Therefore, you must be very particular when it comes to selecting such products. Instead of opting for cheap and unknown brands, it would be best to buy beard care items from companies that thousands of people rely on to improve their facial hair’s appearance. Most of your reading this will be wondering which products would help nourish their beards and make them look excellent.

Well, here is a list of some of the best ones. Use them every day, even if the length of your facial hair is small. Your beard will look tidy, groomed, and, most importantly, in shape.

Beard Wax

People often use the terms beard wax and beard balm interchangeably. They have quite a few similarities. However, the former has high wax content, while the latter is excellent for providing more hold. Scruffy Jack’s has an excellent beard wax / beard balm that offers a light to medium hold.

Contrary to what many people claim, you can apply beard wax casually too. Of course, it comes in handy to make your facial hair glisten for formal occasions, but using a high-quality beard wax will help make sure that your hairs never go out of place. It will make you feel confident and motivate you to grow your beard further.

Beard Balm

Beard balms are the talk of the town these days. Almost every beard aficionado swears by it and claims that it can work wonders. However, does it? Absolutely! It is an excellent product if you want to maintain your beard while growing it and even after you achieve your desired style

With products such as beard wash, beard balm, and beard oil, it is easy to become confused, as most beginners do not know if they’re worth and which one they should choose. After all, it’s only a beard. If you treat your facial hair without special care, forget about improving its look. Beards require extra attention, and frequent maintenance and beard balms are arguably the best products to help you achieve that goal. 

One of the most essential reasons everyone should consider using this product is that it holds your beard together.  Furthermore, it also prevents dandruff. As we discussed earlier, beards tend to get quite itchy during the third or fourth week. Using a high-quality beard balm regularly will help you avoid that issue. You should consider Scruffy Jack’s Beard Balm / Wax, as it provides a light to medium hold that most men are seeking. If you need extra hold you should look for products that specify extra hold on the label. Just know that extra hold will also come with extra stiffness – which most men don’t necessarily want.

The ingredients present in beard balms are excellent for keeping the skin beneath your facial hair dry. It will help moisturize your beard, preventing dandruff during any season. The carrier oils present inside a beard balm or a beard wax are quite similar in composition to our skin’s natural oil. They complement our facial hair and provide them excellent protection against harmful elements.

A beard balm that contains all-natural carrier oils and butter provide excellent hydration to your facial hair and the skin beneath it. Make sure that you evenly coat the product across your beard to reap its maximum benefits.

Beard Oil

Beard oils support your facial hair along with the skin underneath it. They provide a healthy and supple shine to your hair while healing flaky skin and scratchiness. They are quite similar to a beard wax or a beard balm in that they hydrate and moisturize your beard – but without the hold. Most first-rate beard oils contain natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, argan, and marula oils, to name a few.

They help create a barrier over your skin without clogging your pores, helping to lock moisture in your skin. Applying high-quality beard oils will improve the conditioning and elasticity of your facial hair.

Is It Okay To Use Beard Balm And Oil Together?

Quite a lot of people new to beard products wonder if it is okay to use products such as beard balm and beard oil together. Of course, it is. While both products will soften your facial hair, balms last for a more extended period because of their thicker consistency. Since beards require some time to absorb substances like balms and waxes, using them would be ideal.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t use beard oil? Not at all! Many enthusiasts prefer using beard balm and oils together to get the maximum benefits out of these products. They stay on your beard for longer and help nourish it, unlike any other beard care item.

Ideally, it would be best if you applied the oil first and followed it up with the beard balm. Repeat this process every day in the morning and at night to get a lustrous beard.

How to Deal with an Itchy Beard

Beard itchiness can be a real pain. However, everyone has to endure it to grow their beards. The thirds and fourth weeks, in particular, can make you go crazy. Before you make any rash decisions and you’re your trimmer or razor blade out to shave your facial hair off, remember that being patient for a few weeks will help you grow the beard of your dreams.

While eliminating itchiness in beards is virtually impossible, you can follow several steps to reduce this issue by tenfold.

Clean It Frequently

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Well, it is! All you need to do is clean the dirt and sweat off your beard to prevent it from becoming itchy. A combination of food particles, dead skin, and dust are also significant contributors to this issue. Washing your facial hair every day will remove these items and reduce irritation.

Use a quality beard wash in your beard care routine and remember to wash your beard twice or thrice every day, even if it is with plain water.

Trim and Comb Regularly

Trimming and combing your beard is essential if you want to do away with sharp, curly, and wild ends. A pair of scissors and trimmer, along with a specialist beard comb or brush, would be a valuable addition to your beard maintenance arsenal. Combining your hair every day will stimulate your blood flow and hair follicles, helping you grow healthy hair that will not cause you irritation.

Never Over-Cleanse

It is critical to keep your beard fresh and clean for hygiene reasons, but there is no need to go crazy with shampoos and conditioners.  Using these products too frequently will rob your skin of its natural oils. In addition, it would be best to use specialist beard cleansers instead of traditional hair shampoos.

Dry Your Beard Properly

Dry your facial hair thoroughly after taking a shower or cleansing your beard. Not cleaning off the water in your hair is the number one cause of itchiness. Use a clean, fresh towel to wipe the excess water away and follow it up with a hair drying session. Mild heat will be enough to do the trick and make sure your beard is free from extra moisture.

Use the Right Products

It is imperative to remind everyone reading this guide about the importance of high-quality beard care products such as a beard balm, beard oil, or beard wax. They will not clog your skin’s pores and add an extra layer of protection to your hair, effectively reducing itchiness. Remember to choose a high-quality brand that mainly focuses on creating beard care products such as Scruffy Jack’s.

Bottom Line: Because It is Worth It!

Tackling long and unruly facial hair can be quite intimidating for people, especially if they’ve never been through the long and tedious growing phase. Not knowing how you will look adds an extra bit of doubt when deciding whether to grow a beard.

Try and step out of your comfort zone and give it a shot. Something simple like growing a beard can be a massive confidence booster that can also translate well into other aspects of your life. Wouldn’t you like that? Talk to any long-time beard aficionado, and they will tell you that the wait and struggle are worth it. 

Truthfully,  there is very little reason for any grown man not to give their beard a shot. What’s the worst that could happen? You can always shave your facial hair off in an instant (although you shouldn’t.) Having a beard is significantly better than having a baby face. People will take you more seriously, and you will enjoy plenty of perks that come along with growing long and thick facial hair. And, if you do decide to embark on the journey make sure to equip yourself with a quality all-natural beard balm or beard oil such as Scruffy Jack’s.



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