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Why Your Beard Color Is Different from Your Hair Color

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It may have crossed your mind why there’s a variance of color between your facial and head hair. This is a common question, especially among men with variations of red hues in their beards. 

You may be worried it's a medical anomaly. Well, to clear things up, it’s not. As a matter of fact, the majority of males find these varying colors on their facial hair. It’s very common to have different textures and shades of hair all over your body. 

Here are some reasons why your beard color may be different from your head hair: 

1. Pigmentation level

The pigmentation levels in your hair determines the color of your mane. Each of your hair follicles contains a combination of the two types of melanin which are pheomelanin and eumelanin. 

Pheomelanin gives your scruff a yellow (blonde) or red shade while eumelanin gives it brown or black hues. 

Different combinations of these two can yield various colors. That’s why some guys might notice random red patches on their facial hair. Moreover, men with significantly low levels of eumelanin will have dominant blonde hair. 

2. Red hair gene

Red hair pigmentation takes place when the MC1R gene mutates. Having a pair of these mutated genes can result in an all-red hair; having only one of these genes can encourage the growth of a few red hairs on random parts of your body. And yes, that includes your facial hair. 

Even if you have a dominant blonde hair gene, it’s not 100% guaranteed you’ll consistently have blonde-colored hair. The red gene might still be lurking around in your genome. If both your parents don’t have red hair on any parts of their body, then chances are, you got the gene from some distant ancestor. 

3. Stress

If you’ve noticed a lot of gray hair on your beard, this could be caused by stress, age, or other genetic factors. So it’s best if you de-stress every once in a while to encourage healthier hair growth. 

But of course, you should never be ashamed of your gray-colored mane as it's a symbol of experience and maturity.

4. Vitamin deficiency

Lackluster or dull hair can be due to malnutrition. Your hair needs enough nutrients for it to look shiny and sleek. Without a proper beard care regimen like using natural beard oil, your beloved mane can be more prone to damage. 

5. Sun exposure

Too much exposure to sunlight can lighten and weaken your hair strands. That’s why it’s best if you spend a little less time under the sun if possible. If it’s unavoidable because of work or sport, then you might want to protect it by using beard care products. Choose all-natural beard balms to keep your hair moisturized. 

No matter what shade you notice on your beard, ensure to take good care of it so it can continue to do its thing. Always remember, your beard is an expression of your unique personality.

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