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About Scruffy Jack's


Committed to ‘Simple and Honest’ Formulations for Men’s Grooming Products

Scruffy Jack’s is a premier purveyor of high-quality mens grooming products formulated with natural and sustainable ingredients. With our deep concern and appreciation of the natural environment, we believe in making it a more sustainable and a better place for the generations to come.

Why we're here ...

Scruffy Jacks started with one man’s desire to craft something he had never seen before: a line of quality grooming products tailored to fellow outdoorsmen. After all, wherever in nature a man’s activities may lead him – be it hiking, climbing, biking, running, skiing or simply being in contemplation of the great outdoors – his experiences deepen his connection to the world around him. True to this philosophy of respecting our planet, our product formulations are straightforward and based on simple, tested ingredients that provide results. We prize a light skin feel, natural fragrances, and skin nourishing actives.

We want men to look their best and we put our best efforts to do the same for this planet. For this reason, we work hard to produce eco-friendly, and sustainable mens grooming products. We use only the highest quality ingredients, including natural oils, waxes, and pure botanical extracts to formulate our products. 

Combining Science and Nature

At Scruffy Jack’s, we combine science and nature to make hair and skincare products that deliver visible results without harming your health and the environment. These products are developed after thorough research on the ingredients, which we combine to deliver visible results.